Our success with Poret filter foam

Poret foam is a high quality filter foam that every owner of a fishtank can use to make their aquariums healthier.

It can be used to replace the foam in your existing filter, as a stand alone filter(Hamburg Matten Filter) or in your sump filter.

It`s an excellent mechanical filter, removing visible debris from your tank.

For the the absolute best possible water qualtiy a single sheet of foam can be used biologically to convert nasty toxins.

We started using Poret filter foam in 2012. We rely on Poret to keep the 7,500L of water in our African cichlid hatchery as pure as possible.

We use the Hamburg Matten Filters in almost all of our tanks.

I love the fact that I only ever have to clean the filters every year or so. This leaves me more time to sit back and enjoy our fish.

Poret foam has ensured a more stable  aquatic environment even though we have increased our stocking densities.

Choosing your density

  • 10ppi removes the largest particles of debris
  • 20ppi long cleaning intervals/great biological filtration
  • 30ppi safest for the smallest of fry.
  • 45ppi excellent for shrimp.

Im happy to take the time to chat about how you can use Poret foam to make your fishkeeping easier.

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